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Military steel in the MDC Modules

December 5: The MDC modules are based on Armox 500T. The same steel as in military applications. Pandur II is one example.

The Pandur II is an modular all-wheel-drive armoured vehicle. The basic armour package is designed to protect against 7.62mm (0.3in) to 14.5mm armour piercing rounds (customers may select a choice of armour thickness). The Pandur II fire support vehicle was developed with two turret variants. The CMI Defence CT-CV 105-mm weapon system has a two-man turret and a low-recoil fully-stabilized 105-mm gun. This system is compatible with standard NATO 105-mm ammunition. It is also compatible with smart ammunition and is able to fire guided missiles. This system is equipped with an automatic loader. Crew and ammunition compartments are separated. Maximum rate of fire is 8 rpm. Gun can be elevated to 42°. This feature allows to adapt vehicle to mountainous warfare. This variant can be recognized by it's rounded muzzle brake. The vehicle is designed to be transportable in a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

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A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever