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Bahnhof - First modular installation!

New film about the first modular data center, built by Bahnhof.
The data center will open spring 2013.
Movie about the new data center.

New pictures!

Finally! We have new pictures. This is a 1/4 of a full M1 module. The painting and finish is done in class C4.
Look in the gallery section for more new pictures.

MDC modules finalist in DCD awards

Stockholm January, 4:

The deployment are delayed. We where hoping to get the data centre up before Christmas. As it turned out, ground works are still delaying. Still, MDC where finalist in London for the international Data Center Dynamics awards. But since we where not yet deployed - the chances where slim. It was an honour to make it this far to the final - even without having the site up yet...

Expected launch time are now set back to March. We will of course show pictures from ...

Deployment vision Kista, Stockholm

December 12:

This is the vision for the finished installation in Kista, Stockholm. We are going to keep some trees, with inspiration from Starwars (and the planet Endor). However, at this moment the site is not so spectacular, since we are in the middle of muddy ground works.

Movie: Presentation of deployment preparations


Jon Karlung, CEO, MDC Stockholm: "-This is the location where the first modules will be installaed, late December 2011. We are now doing the concrete slabs. Modules will be lifted on place by crane."

Military steel in the MDC Modules

December 5: The MDC modules are based on Armox 500T. The same steel as in military applications. Pandur II is one example.

The Pandur II is an modular all-wheel-drive armoured vehicle. The basic armour package is designed to protect against 7.62mm (0.3in) to 14.5mm armour piercing rounds (customers may select a choice of armour thickness). The Pandur II fire support vehicle was developed with two turret variants. The CMI Defence CT-CV 105-mm weapon system has...

November 21: This is not a container!

MDC Module (M1) is not a container. We have done everything in our power to move from the concept of containers. This picture (click on picture to the left) shows the M1 Module from above. M1 is designed to give as much space as possible (for both racks, servers - and people). We wanted to focus on the scalability of being modular. A data centre can be just one single module, containing 35 racks, or a giant mega data centre of 100:s of modules. The business model is to be able...

The large MDC M1 Program / november 9

This is a presentation (including prices) for a 60 Megawatt server farm. We can deploy 100 M1 Modules with 3500 racks. It not only looks cooler than the Facebook server farm (120 MW), it´s more secure and costs half the price. Furthermore, the investment is scalable. Download presentation (Now DECLASSIFIED info)

The command module

October 16, 2011:
The command module are now almost finished. The structure is based on the same material that is used for the hangar of the Swedish fighter jet JAS 39 Gripen.

Building permits ready!!


The formal building permits for MDC Stockholm is now ready. The data center will be placed in an absolute spectacular place,  just along the highway E4, about 300 meter from Kistamässan in Stockholm. For reference the building permit have number DNR: 2011-11645-575

The center will be easy accessible, and it will be fully integrated with the profile of Kista Science City.

The constr...

Turn Key Solution!

A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever