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November 21: This is not a container!

MDC Module (M1) is not a container. We have done everything in our power to move from the concept of containers. This picture (click on picture to the left) shows the M1 Module from above. M1 is designed to give as much space as possible (for both racks, servers - and people). We wanted to focus on the scalability of being modular. A data centre can be just one single module, containing 35 racks, or a giant mega data centre of 100:s of modules. The business model is to be able to growth organically. Pay only for the space you need at any given moment.

M1 vs container:

*  M1 is bigger than a container (about 2,5 x the size of a ISO 40 feet standard C).
* M1 is made of armoured steel, normally only used in tanks.
* M1 looks cooler. However, the design are not there just for the sake of it. Our modules are user friendly. They bring a great deal in terms of brand and trade mark to our customers. The design are a fully integrated concept.

There is one thing good with containers. They are easy to transport to deployment site. That is the reason why we ship our prefabricated modules from the factory plants in parts. Each part is based on the ISO 40-feet standard, so they can easily be shipped by truck, train or ship, to any destination in the world (and then assembled at the deployment site - like IKEA).

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Turn Key Solution!

A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever