The future is modular!

Technical specifications

Technical specifications:
The MDC Stockholm Module

A complete MDC module consists of our parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however:

Server Module (with room for the equivalent of 35 full rack cabinets - including workspace)
Cooling Module (systems that cool the server module, even when fully loaded)
Power Module (backup power module for self-sustained operation if necessary - built-in UPS and standby diesel generators).
Command Module Command Module (meeting room with airlock in inflatable format).
Miscellaneous: The finished MDC module is surrounded by a 15 x 30 feet fenced fences as external zone defence.

Server Module
Consists of two modules mounted together with a connection segment
Outer measurements of each module comply with the 40-ft ISO container standard
80 square meters
Built in bulletproof steel from Sweden (FB6 default)
Hosts 35 server racks (40U each)
No mixing of air between cold and hot aisle
Large workspace built for real people

Rack cabinets
Designed by the MDC
40 Units High
All Cabling ARE Prepared and ConnectedDrive
Direct frontal cooling incorporated into racks
6 x 32A rack to Reach Pre-Installed
6 TP Pre-Installed
2 x 8 Air blown optical fiber tubes pre-Installed

Cooling Module
New cooling systems designed by the MDC. AHRS ® Active Heat Removing
System Power Consumption is reduced with 70% compared to a
Conventional cooling systems.
Total maximum airflow: 13 cubic meters per second into and out
Outer measurements Comply With The 40ft container ISO standard.

Power Module
Power module Diesel engine for backup. 500 KVA (1000 kVA as an option)
Redundant UPS. 275 KVA (550KVA as an option)
Switchgear dimensioned for 1600 A (more as option)
Plug and Play
Outer measurements Comply With The 40ft container ISO standard.

The modules ARE built in Sweden and
Transported to the customer as five separate 40ft containers
Before the modules Arriva, a concrete slab Should Be Prepared.
All Necessary tools to assemble the modules ARE included The modules
Will Be Installed On the site by the MDC staff
Within two weeks from delivery
Estimated time from order to delivery is around 3 months

Turn Key Solution!

A complete MDC module consists of four parts. When you expand you don't have to add all of them however



Future information centers can be entire cities of steel, based on single units docked to each other - module by module - growing forever